Art exhibition 100% Civil opened in Loviisa

100 % CIVIL –antimilitarist exhibition in Almintalo. Loviisa 4.-18.8.
Työtila/ Workshoproom, 2nd floor. Brandensteininkatu 3, 07900 Loviisa
OPENING : Saturday 3.8. at 18 -20.00. Open daily 12.00 -17.00.

All pictures in this folder.

The group of artists from Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Sweden and Brasil has assembled after some of them meeting in year 2018 Baltic Glory -peace excercise. The exhibition will be open during two big peace gatherings, Lovisa Peace Forum and Baltic Glory 2019 and is part of Trans Folk Final Destination -program. It includes prints, canvas, graphics, essay text prints, posters, collage, videos and videoperformances, a banner, tattoo sketches, ryijy / rya and a mandala.

Exhibition of 18 artists from six countries aims at questioning and criticising the state of war in modern era, and in all times. Shaming war, that appears even more absurd and insane in the times of accelerating climate change. Shaming companies manufacturing and exporting weapons, military excercises as well as plans to purchase new missiles. We are looking for alternatives to violence.

A Ukrainian artist describes living in war zone ”is like an object flying above people’s heads, creating various feelings from anger to almost ironic awkwardness and discomfort”. Natasha Tzeluba

Another ”was captured, held in the basement, imitated execution several times. Coming out of the dungeons, the artist drew what happened to him and other prisoners. The graphic works reflect the chronicle of the occupation of artists native city”. Serg Zakharov

”All nations were born in blood… nowadays the world is a result of postcolonial, postwar and post-communist age when borders were cut like with a knife.” Elizaveta Savolainen

Experiences of violence and oppression are present in these works – as well as blockades and different actions to achieve disarmament, peace and humane living conditions. Pain, insanity and unfairness go hand in hand with the empowering of taking part in actions to change the situations. ”We should first of all keep our humanity, mutual love and respect, and shouldn’t brew hatred towards those with different languages or cultures. What is happening now is the result of the ruling establishment’s actions. No nation should live in isolation or oppression caused by its government. I wish to express the idea that good relations are possible”. Evi Pärn

”Autumn floods in St. Petersburg are marked with special commemorative plates. But how to measure other dangerous elements? Level of indifference, level of poverty, level of loyalty, level of readiness for war, level of helplessness, level of trust in the leader. ” Darya Apakhonchich

”With a growing level of our civilization culture the role of non-violent resistance will be more and more important. What form can it have? How can an artist defend his citizen self identity?” Serg Zakharov

How to think against the War? ”The idea that good relations are possible and, as long as fears, stereotypes and propaganda are forgotten, can be thoroughly enjoyed. The attitude to this approach can differ but basically it gives us an opportunity to break vicious circle of evil and fear”. Evi Pärn .

”The real picture of the war is the field after the battle with the exhausted wounded fragile people who want almost nothing – only the end of this madness.” Nastya Vepreva

Darya Apakchonchich, Dana Kavelina, Elin Lundell, Alexander Mamon, Alexandra Orlova. Roman Osminkin, Evi Pärn, Paola de Ramos, Annika Rauhala, Anton Romanov, Kikka Rytkönen, Elizaveta Savolainen, Max Stropov, Natasha Tzeluba, Anastasia Vepreva, Alexandra Yaroshenko, Serg Zakcharov, Lugansk Contemporary Diaspora.