About Baltic Glory

This page is being updated with information about Baltic Glory 19…


Wars do not start from nothing. They are planned, equipped and trained years or even decades in advance. Neither can peace come from nothing. Last year saw the birth of a new form of peace exercise. Amidst large war games – Aurora 17 and Zapad 17 – two dozen Russian and Swedish writers, artists, politicians and activists met on the island of Åland. For two days they prepared tactics to fight militarization and rising tensions.

Although small and but a first experiment Åland 17 was a success. This years we take the peace exercise to the next level. Baltic Glory 18 will include more people (75 participants and 10 volunteers) from more countries (Sweden, Russia and Finland with observers from at least another three countries) staying a longer time (four days).

To get a broad representation we are both sending directed invitation to people that are already strongly involved in the struggle against militarization and publishing this open call for everyone with the intention of getting involved. To answer the open call please send a written presentation of yourself and your motivation to balticglory18@gmail.com before June 15. Apart from participants we need volunteers helping with everything from cooking to interpretation to logistics.

The exercise has been granted money from AKL (Union of conscientious objectors in Finland) and Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland (Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation).