About peace exercises

Much like a war exercise or a war game prepares its participants to fight in wars the peace exercise prepares its participants to fight against war and solve conflicts by peaceful, political means. We do it by the same mix of reality and fiction. The real is the participants. They are activists, writers, artists, students and politicians and will act as such. The fiction is in the scenario. The participants will have to react to a number of events of escalating tension risking to lead to open war. The exercise will both prepare the participants and expose the strengths and weaknesses of the current peace movement.

To make this work all participants and volunteers will have to agree with the following:

  1. We counter militarization of our societies as well as of the relationship between our countries.
  2. Our resistance is primarily directed against the military of our own country and its allies.
  3. We use a wide range of methods, strategies and tactics. Violence is not one of them.