About us

Baltic Glory 19 is co-organized by groups from Finland, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine.

From Finland

Esa Noresvuo is a coordinator in AKL – The Finnish Union of Conscientious Objectors. He is a board member of EBCO, European Bureau for Conscientious Objection. He has taken part in several nonviolent peace campaigns in Europe.

Kaj Raninen has been active in The Finnish Union of Conscientous Objectors since the early 1990´s. He´s very interested in nonviolence as a strategy for social change.- updating

From Russia

Daria Apakhonchich is a teacher and an artist. She teaches Russian to migrants and refugees and is a member of {rodina} group that makes social and political art. With other participants of the group she has organized mobile anti-war exhibition [NE MIR] ([NOT PEACE], 2015-16) and an exhibition on censorship and self-censorship in contemporary art (“One can not be too careful”, 2017-18). They have made more than a dozen of anti-war and anti-militarist actions and performances.

Alexandra Orlova is an artist and curator of art and education projects in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Finland. Author of a research about anti war art performances made in Russia 2014-2018.

Alexander Belik is a human rights activist. Lawyer and coordinator of the ”Movement of conscientious objectors” (vk.com/stoparmy, youtube.com/stoparmy, fb.com/stoparmy, t.me/stoparmy), lawyer of the Russian LGBT-Network (lgbtnet.org).

From Sweden

Lisa Behrenfeldt works as a project manager for ”Integration and sustainable development through outdoor life”. The project helps young newcomers to Sweden. Is active in the board of Skydda skogen (protect the forrest), in the antimilitarist network Ofog and the group around the magazine Väglöst. Has a master in the science of outdoor education.

Sara Mossberg is a drama teacher employed at a folk high school outside Umeå and is currently taking a course in non-violence and peace. She is active in Kristna fredsföreningen, Svenska freds- och skiljedomsföreningen och Röda korset.

Pelle Sunvisson was responsible for the very first peace exercise Åland 17. He has previously arranged nationwide campaigns against the military exercises Aurora and ACE, led peace youth camps on Åland, been president for Stockholms freds and Folket i Bild/Kulturfront and repeatedly been convicted for acts of civil disobedience. He currently works as a journalist with focus on peace issues and as a teacher in one of Stockholms Southern suburbs.

From Ukraine

Alina Shevchenko is 19 years old. Kharkiv, Ukraine Feminist, LGBTQ+ activist,
antimilitarist, co-organizer from Ukrainian side. Videographer,
photographer, filmmaker.